How are you with sitting with uncomfortable feelings?

Sometimes the best action is to take no action.

Recently I have had a few unexpected events happen in my life. They created feelings of sadness, anger, resentment and confusion. 

They honestly felt like a hit in my chest. They created a very strong physical reaction – tightness in my chest, racing thoughts, shallow breathing, slight dizziness. It felt very powerful.

I know from life experience that I need to allow myself to sit with the feelings despite how uncomfortable they might feel.

I always hated that part and looked for ways to run from them – comfort foods always seemed like a good idea to help numb everything. But that never helped me move through the pain.

So instead, I allowed myself to be with the feelings. I talked with a few good friends about what had happened. Talking is a great way for me to process my thoughts and emotions. And having a trusted and safe person to be with helps me to feel safe and to calm down.

A few hours later I was much calmer had a better perspective on the situations and was able to respond in a way that was respectful and kind.

I can still feel the rumbling of discomfort but that too shall pass. 

This is all part of being human. It’s a part of growing and moving forward in life.

Today I allow. 

I accept myself and my big reactions just as they are.

 I am a sensitive person that feels really big and that is OK!

Release. Re-Align. Restore.